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The Department of Conversation is New Zealand’s newest home for conversations that matter and is a direct response to the media dumbing down content assuming that consumers only have the capacity for a 3 minute read or a 10 second video clip.

We sit with guests for anywhere up to two hours…although it’s usually around an hour…and solve the problems of the world allowing the conversation to ebb and flow where it may. We are not hamstrung by advertising breaks or mainstream media connections. We talk about what we want, how we want, when we want and then make it available to you both live via video, and as downloadable audio content once we are finished.

You can see the conversations live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch and then download the audio content on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

Our guests are varied in that we are interested in interesting conversations so you’ll see high profile people, academics, people with interesting stories and more coming through.

We sit and chat, often over a beer, normally without notes or a desired direction. As it’s a conversation, as opposed to an interview, anyone can lead the conversation so a guest may be as likely to drive the talk as Pat or one of the team involved with bringing you #theDOC. It feels more like a chat on a Friday night at a pub with someone you’ve just met than it does an interview in a studio. This allows us to go places that guests usually don’t go, and ask questions that usually are not asked.

You’ll see a different side of well known guests that you haven’t seen before, and delve deeper with guests than elsewhere.


Comedian, Ben HurleyIt’s the WTF of New Zealand

Artist, Dick FrizzellWhat I liked about speaking with you is that you were genuinely interested in the answers to the questions you asked

Politician, Marama Davidsongrunty and long-form kōrero