Pat Brittenden Mornings Audio

David Shearer on John Banks

Immigration Minister Nathan Guy on new legislation around asylum seekers

Gary Poole from the Refugee Council of NZ on proposed legislation around asylum seekers

The Panel with David Slack and Bob McCoskrie

The Panel with Bob McCoskrie and David Slack

Bob and David chat about SKY City sponsoring celebrities to come and be on site, have the Police handled the Teapot saga well and their thoughts on the one month anniversary of the shooting of Treyvon Martin in Florida by George Zimmerman

The Panel with Ian Wishart and Steve Tollestrup

Steve Tollstrup and Ian Wishart talk about what David Shearer needs to do to make inroads into John Key’s domination and paying teachers performance bonuses

The Political Panel with Jacinda Adern and Simon Bridges

Talking about Labour moving to the middle and Nick SMith

The Panel with Cameron ‘WhaleOil’ Slater and Richard Barter

Cameron, Richard and Pat talk about Nick Smith, The Ports of Auckland and wearing religious iconography

The Panel with David Farrar and Petra Bagust

Talking Uruwera Four and Nick Smith’s ACC fallout

The Panel with Bob McCoskrie and Sam Bloore

Pat, Sam and Bob talk about drug reform and kids being left in carparks when you feel like a beer

The Panel with Alex Penk and Steve Tollestrup

Today we talked about Closing Prisons for PPPs, MMP and where we should go with the review, Should the government ban smoking with an interesting point from Steve where Pat Robertson has stated we should make cannabis legal and become de-baptised