David Grohl breaks leg and finishes concert

So, interesting story. As they were playing Monkey Wrench, Foo Fighter’s lead singer Dave Grohl fell off the stage…and broke his leg

He then announced he would return after going to the hospital, however his band said they’d play a couple of songs “before they left” so it looked like what Grohl meant was that Foo Fighters would return another time to finish the gig except rather than going to hospital he went backstage, got bandaged up, was carried back on stage and finished the gig with a medic at his side the whole time.

And we’re talking a proper, proper break


Legend, beyond legend…perhaps the new ‘greatest story ever told’.

I love Dave Grohl.

Interesting what ‘we might like’

It’s always interesting when websites have permanent titles for sections without thinking about the story might follow.

Example, “You might like Justin Bieber bottled on stage”

You may like

Actually that’s something I kind of would like…

Sadly thought TVNZ has considered Justin Bieber being ‘bottled’ as being hit on the hip by an empty plastic container…as opposed to ‘glassed’ as one would maybe have expected…more of a new age, 21st century ‘bottling’ as opposed to what Billy Connolly might describe about life in Glasgow in the 1970s.

If you do want to see Justin Bieber being ‘bottled’ you can go here

And just in case, in this current highly intense time around violence, someone has missed it…this is said with the utmost sarcasm and in no way do we want to see the sweet Mr. Bieber hurt or injured whilst performing to thousands of teenage girls.

No Beliebers were harmed in the writing of this post.

“He’s not handicapped, he’s different”

Friday afternoon inspiration.