Sexy Britney Spears: Acceptable. Dead SVU victim: Acceptable. Skimpily dressed model stretching: Banned!

Before we start this post, please be advised that if you watch the video there is graphic language and sexual themes contained within, I could not find the censored version of the ad.

It’s interesting what gets banned in America, they have really tight laws around profanity and nudity…but not so much around violence.

Think about what you see on CSI, Criminal Minds, SVU etc…but also what get’s bleeped in interview based programmes, and you hardly ever see nudity in American TV.

Well the latest interesting development has just occurred in this seemingly imbalanced censorship with an advert for Zoo York staring model Kate Upton.

Amongst other channels, MTV has banned the advert…MTV…the channel that shows music videos that constantly include sexual themes…not undertones, straight out themes conveying many explicit ideas to their viewers. Just Britney Spears alone has had seven of her MTV friendly videos banned in other parts of the world due to content, so the idea that they would ban this advert is…well weird to say the least.

I am not condoning the advert by pointing out these anomalies, I guess what I am asking is where is the consistency?

What Criminal Minds murder scene is better than sexual innuendo by a cockroach? What Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ scene is better than a model in a skimpy outfit stretching.

It’s weird, but I guess to have all the above mentioned potentially inappropriate fodder before children would be worse, so I guess it is good there is a line somewhere.

I just wonder who the heck drew the line, and how they decided it was where it is?