Matthew Hooton on Radiolive

hootonA very strange occurrence happened at about 2.20pm this afternoon on Radiolive.

The normal political panel was happening with Matthew Hooton and Matt McCarten being left and right guests on Willie and JTs show when Hooton began what appeared to be a calculated attack on the hosts for their much controversial comments about the Roastbusters a couple of days ago.

Mr Hooton spent a few minutes explaining why these alleged offenders were men and not boys by using a Gallipoli analogy then this occurred.

I have to say I am not quite sure how to take this, and what the reaction was over the ‘Clint Rickards’ comments, it either struck a nerve, or it was so offensive to the hosts that they could stand it no more.

As this ‘Roastbusters’ conversation continues in various forms I wonder how many more of these kinds of blow ups we see and hear both publically and privately

Did Hooton do the right thing in your opinion?