‘Expert’ hypocrisy?


So when Ken Ring from predictweather.co.nz forecast there was going to be another earthquake we got told by the scientists that you cannot predict earthquakes. Mr. Ring then had death threats against him for saying it…but now when ‘experts’ suggest it it’s seems all okay to make predictions of ‘another big jolt.’

When Mr. Ring spoke out his prediction he was told it was yelling fire in a theatre, in fact some said that it was like yelling fire in a theatre where there was already a major fire going on…in other words of course a ‘prediction’ is going to be right as there are many earthquakes on the way…how is this any different?

Is it hypocrisy? Or is is that Mr.Ring is seen as a kook and science is more trusted to forecast upcoming quakes?

I don’t post this to support the validity of Ken Ring’s predictions, only to point out what looks like hypocrisy to me.

Ken Ring does it again!

We had Ken Ring on air this morning to have a chat about the ‘Supermoon’ last night, I mean who else would you have other than the ‘Moonman’ himself.

The aim of the conversation was to chat about why the moon was so large, although I was thinking about the subject matter around his ‘predictions’ and the hot water they landed him in last year. Didn’t know if I was going to go there or not.

Well I needn’t had worried about it, as Ken went there himself.

We first chatted about what a ‘perigee’ was

Ken then went on to make a prediction about when chances of earthquakes were more likely

Anybody who’s living in the Christchurch area you can relax after tomorrow but then around the 11th you should be mindful that this is a risky period” says Ken Ring.

I was a tad taken aback as last year my understanding was that Mr. Ring needed to go into hiding after death threats around his predictions…and today he does it again.

We phone him back to see if he’d spoken to any other media outlet about this prediction and as of 11.30am he had not. So if you are part of the media world, and you use this audio, please remember it’s Pat Brittenden Mornings, on New Zealand’s Rhema ;o)

7.3 Magnitude Earthquake on the Pacific ring

From Stuff.co.nz

An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 has struck off the west coast of Northern Sumatra.

The quake occurred at 7.37am (NZT) at a depth of 29.1km, 423 km southwest of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, the USGS reported.

The Indonesian Government has issued a tsunami warning, however the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre advised there was no threat of a widespread destructive wave.

Local people in Banda Aceh ran away in panic from buildings after news of the quake, a witness said.

Indonesia’s meteorological and geophysics agency, which said the quake was 7.6 magnitude on the Richter scale, routinely issued tsunami warnings for quakes over 7 magnitude.

The quake occurred in in similar area as the 2004 magnitude 9.15 Boxing Day earthquake which, combined with a resulting tsunami, killed 230,000 people.

The Pacific Tsunami centre says there’s no threat of a widespread wave, however local reports have issues warnings for the region where the tsunami occurred.

Let’s pray everyone is alright

30 years…are you serious?

GNS scientists today released information that they believe that aftershocks could go on for 3 decades in Christchurch!

From TVNZ.co.nz

GNS Science seismologist Kelvin Berryman told ONE News that magnitude three aftershocks are likely to go on for a “number of years”, and that magnitude one and two aftershocks “could go for 30 years”.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority Chief Executive Roger Sutton said people should not be alarmed by the predictions.

Not to speak out of turn, when a Dorklander of all people shouldn’t be commenting on Christchurch, but seriously…30 years!!!

Lets flip this question then. How many people would move to a region that is being promised earthquakes for the next 30 years? I have to be honest and say I do know one, but they are moving there because of the earthquakes and to help the people suffering there.

People outside Christchurch…would you move there?

You need your head read to stay in Christchurch

I have to first put all my cards on the table. My default setting is one of cowardice and I have only ever felt one earthquake in my life, but I think people who are stubbornly staying in Christchurch need their heads read.

I understand if you are stuck there by owning a property. The value has dropped and you have a mortgage you would need to service if you left on a property you were no longer in, but those people who are choosing to stay there, especially in the East need their heads read.

The idea that your Cantabrian pride is keeping you in a situation where any moment a deadly quake may roll though your neighbourhood…again…seems just mental to me. I know what you’re thinking…”a deadly earthquake could happen anywhere at any time” or “you guys in Auckland live on volcanoes they could blow at any time”. these are actually true statements but if you take a place that has had 10,000 earthquakes in 18 months, or a place that hasn’t had a volcano go off in hundreds of years I think I’d feel safer.

I guess I am saying that hindsight is 20/20 and it’s completely feasible that if another major quake came through Christchurch people would be saying, “Yes, you’re right, we should have left, we should have known.” For those, especially in the East what are you waiting for? I am seeing the quake maps now showing some of these aftershocks of over magnitude 5 happening out at sea. What about threats of tsunamis?

As I read back over this I realise that what I have written may be taken as scaremongering, I guess that criticism is fair enough…I don’t want to ‘Ken Ring’ the people of Christchurch and actually put fear into your heads, I guess what I am trying to figure out is why you would stay other than being stuck there by owning a property.

If you look 20 years down the track do you want to be the Cantabrian who swallowed his or her pride and ‘was beaten by the earthquakes’ and left? Or the one who arrogantly stayed where you were…and have a power pole fall on you after another quake. Would you rather be a cowardly grandparent in 20 years who ran away? Or a long dead 40 year old?

I am sure I will get some critical feed back about this post, but it’s just me being honest and wondering why anyone would stay in quake ridden Christchurch if they had the ability to move out. I think you guys need your heads read.