The GOP…home of ‘Fake News’


So I am ‘lucky’ enough to be on the mailing list for the Republican Party who, for some reason, consider all the people on their list to be conservative.

Normally these emails come in and I skim them, ignore them or just delete them but for some reason not today.

I saw that the GOP wanted me, to participate in their survey because they’ve “had almost 68,000 conservatives in your area share their thoughts on what should be the #1 priority for Congress” and of course they “still need your answer in order to get an accurate representation.”

Firstly as a heads up, I suspect my answers may not give them an accurate representation of what their conservative supporters may want…just sayin…but also the survey is so full of ‘fake news’ that I wanted to show you how.

I’m not going to take it apart piece by piece, which I could and would be easy to show how the leading questions or binary options in a world of levels of answers would be appropriate, but as an example I will just focus on one particular question…it’s the question I have as a screen shot above about Planned Parenthood.

The question reads

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 13.41.49

So the question is asking if funding should stop to non-profit organisations like Planned Parenthood…that part of the question is fair…moronic, but fair. However the next part, which is not a questions but a statement is in the ‘pants on fire’ category of so called ‘fake news’.

The GOP, the party in the US that controls all three branches of government, is tellings it’s supporters that Planned Parenthood’s ‘primary function’ is performing abortions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Planned Parenthood provides almost 9.5 million services each year to 2.4 million patients. A ‘service’ can be many things including, but not limited to, pregnancy tests, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted infection testing, contraception, mammograms and abortions.

Last year Planned Parenthood performed 328,348 abortions. That number is 3% of the total number of services which, I think you’ll agree, is nowhere near an organisation’s ‘primary function’. It would be fairer to say that abortions at Planned Parenthood are a miniscule part of the overall work they do but what the GOP does is misinform their supporters into believing these lies, which then get propogated on conservative news websites and that then leads to an ill informed public…the most ill informed…and the cycle of misinformation continues. There’s an old saying…”lies make it round the world three times before truth gets its pants on”.

Add all of this to the Hyde Amendment which states that federal funds can’t be used to perform abortions excepting if the life of the woman is in danger and you’ll see the GOP Fake News in full effect.

Attention Christians. Charlotte Dawson’s death is not your cue to speak out against abortion

CharlotteI read an article yesterday deriding an Australian Christian politician who had put on his Facebook page a connection to Charlotte Dawson’s suicide, her depression and an abortion she had in 1999.

This is what the post said

Many I am sure are now aware of the tragic ending to Charlotte Dawson. It highlights how depression and self-harm can affect anyone.

Left unmentioned in many obituaries, is the poignant story faced by Charlotte in 1999. Charlotte Dawson revealed in her autobiography how she aborted her child with swimmer Scott Miller because he didn’t want any distractions in the lead-up to the Sydney Olympics.

“Everything Scott had done was leading up to this moment and nothing could stand in his way, so it was decided that we would terminate the child and try again later. Who needed a developing foetus when a gold medal was on offer, eh?”

On the day of the termination, Charlotte says she was in “total turmoil”. Her husband accompanied her to the clinic, but “couldn’t cope with the atmosphere” so left her alone. After the procedure, Charlotte went home and tried to behave as though nothing had happened, but says something had changed forever.

“I felt a shift,” she says. “Maybe it was hormonal, but I felt the early tinges of what I can now identify as my first experience with depression.”

Her husband, did not make the Olympic swim team, and the marriage ended shortly after.

Rest in peace.

Since that I have seen more ‘Christians’ putting up similar comments around the worlds biggest social media site. Christian’s from family lobby groups, from abortion counselling groups, from individuals with passions for the abortion issue and more.

Stop it! Stop it now!

You who are linking Charlotte Dawson’s depression and death to her abortion are wolves in sheep’s clothing. You are using the story of this turmoiled woman and a moment in her life that she obviously regretted to further your own ends.

You are taking Charlotte Dawson’s name in vain…literally.

There are connections between abortion and depression, yes, there is every chance that amongst other tragic and sad parts of Charlotte’s life, her abortion was a contributing factor to her state of mind over the following 15 years, but you bunch of ungracious, sharks, who have seen blood in the water around Charlotte’s death that you are now circling and using her death for what you are selling as the greater good and the ‘true’ untold story. How arrogant you are. If you cannot help yourselves with this information, then please at least consider leaving it for a few weeks…or months…or could I suggest years?

And if you think ‘I’ve missed the point‘ and ‘we didn’t mean it that way‘ then just think of the Wonderful Merciful Saviour you supposedly follow. If he was standing in a room and had just heard of the horrific news, or this tormented soul taking her own life in tragic moment of self loathing, what would he have said? Would it have been “Aw well, but the real story is she had an abortion in 1999“?

I think not.