Blindfish Media | Consultancy

Headed by Pat Brittenden, with 20+ years experience in the media industry, Blindfish Media works primarily with smaller businesses that don’t have the budget for a permanent media person.

“I like to think of my skillset being that of a Christmas present wrapper. Your business is there, it’s running, people are using it and I come along add the shiny paper and a bow and then tell the world about it”

One main area that Pat has an advantage over other media consultants is that he has spent a good percentage of his time in media both behind the mic and in front of the camera.

“This means I can bring a perspective that many who haven’t actually been the ones reading the adverts or having to sell the product can’t…often their experience is theoretical whereas for someone who has been the person receiving the press release then disseminating to your audience I tend to know how the ‘sell’ works better”

Blindfish Media will help you with promotions, media presence and advertising. We can be involved in everything from just helping your brainstorm and idea….to full development and implementation of a nationwide campaign.

Pat’s connections in the media world also often gives him the ability to gain better prices and deals when it comes to advertising, especially in radio, come and see Pat and the team and ask about how to get your good or service out there and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that he can come in, get the work done, and leave and you’ve got more money left in your pocket than his competitors including going direct to the advertisers.

A truncated list of current clients

Veggie Boys

  • Record, Direct and Produce Veggie Boys radio adverts
  • Negotiate radio advertising with Mediaworks and NZME
  • Develop and run promotional opportunities as presented (‘O’ Week/60 Second Grocery Grab etc…)
  • Design and develop video content for social media
  • Run Veggie Boys social media
  • Help plan an implement the roll out of Otago wide deliveries
  • Marketing/Advertising and Media consultation

SAX Hair Design

  • Record, Direct and Produce SAX radio adverts
  • Plan and implement nationwide roll out of Natalie Michelle Hair Extensions
  • Marketing and Advertising consultation

Kees Meeuws/Bayleys Metro Real Estate

  • Record, Direct and Produce Kees’ Bayleys Metro radio adverts
  • Record, Direct and Produce Real Dunedin with Kees Meeuws and Chris MacLean. A fortnightly video podcast about the Dunedin real estate marketing
  • Marketing, web and advertising consultation

Escape Artists Dunedin

  • Record, Direct and Produce Escape Artists radio adverts
  • Implement strategic move to grow the brand awareness to Dunedin
  • Marketing and Advertising consultation

Blindfish Media | Content Creation

A winner of broadcasting awards on four continents Pat Brittenden has a proven track record in content creation.

Be it traditional media such as radio and television or new media such as podcasts, digital videos, viral online moments etc…Blindfish Media can help.

Blindfish Media creates content for third party companies, such as working with CBA to develop, write and record the multi award winning Newstalk BC, and for themselves like the highly regarded podcast The Department of Conversation and elephantTV.

Blindfish Media has a team of developers, designers, videographers, editors and more to bring you a one-stop-shop to help you complete any digital plan you may have. Whether we come in and grind from day one with you…or fill some small spaces you have gaps in…Blindfish Media can bring a digital solution to your business in a timely and cost effective way.

Blindfish Media can consult on your project and help you circumnavigate common pitfalls, or deliver you a complete digital plan with product that best suits your business to give you the best return possible.