Pat Brittenden is a Dunedin based, international award winning broadcaster,  media consultant and digital content creator. 

Pat hosted the number one radio show in its time slot, nationwide for seven straight years whilst working for Newstalk ZB, and also worked on multiple music radio brands including More FM and The Hits. Pat has been a political contributor and presenter on television, radio and in print and now runs Blindfish Media. Blindfish Media is both a media, marketing and advertising consultancy firm and also a content creator where Pat makes content for other companies and works on his own projects such as his current focus, The Department of Conversation.

Pat’s passions are “conversations that matter and challenge” which can be demonstrated with his self-produced television series elephantTV, as the former host of ODTtv and his years of talk radio experience on Newstalk ZB, Radiolive and other NZ talk brands.

Along with consultancy work with numerous businesses, Blindfish Media is also a producer of award winning content both on radio and within digital media. Blindfish Media has produced numerous projects including, but not limited to elephantTV, The Slightly Correct Political Show with comedians Jeremy Elwood and Chris Brain, ODTtv for Allied Press and Newstalk BC with CBA.

Pat moved to Dunedin in 2014 and now proudly calls North Dunedin home with his three daughters, 3 rabbits and dog.

Abridged Awards and Nominations

NZ Radio Awards

2001 & 2011 – Station of the Year, Metropolitan, 2001, More FM Auckland & 2011, Newstalk ZB

2016 – Best Children’s Programme 

New York Festival World’s Best Radio Programs


  • Best Direction (Gold)
  • Best Performance by an Actor (Silver)
  • Best Talk/Interview Special (Gold)
  • Religious Programme (Silver)


  • Best Writing (Gold)


  • Best Children/Young Adult Programme (Silver)


  • Best Information/Documentary (Silver)
  • Best Writing (Gold)

The Association for International Broadcasters (London)

2014 – Creative Radio Feature

CMAA Awards Australia

2017 – Most Engaging Radio