Please can we stop talking up ‘election bribes’

Key and Cunliffe handing out the presents at election time

So today Labour has promised to eliminate school donations by giving “an annual grant of $100 per student for schools in lieu of voluntary donations” to finally make primary education free in New Zealand. I like this policy, I applaud this policy, I endorse this policy however, as you well know, I fight for politicians to be consistent.

Just 2 days ago, or “aggggges ago” as it is seen in the world of politics, both Russel Norman and David Cunliffe were deriding John Key for offering election bribes in the form of roading projects.

Can we please settle this once and for all and can I ask you politicians to stop looking like idiots, they are either all ‘bribes’ or none of them are. You decide and move forward accordingly.

John Key you cannot go on Larry Williams or Duncan Garner this afternoon and call ‘free education’ a bribe unless you accept that your roading projects are as well, and Mr. Cunliffe you must acknowledge your offer of $100 per student to families is a bribe or Nationals focus on two lane bridges are not.

Simple ah?

2 thoughts on “Please can we stop talking up ‘election bribes’

  1. Phil Wild July 2, 2014 / 15:46

    Sorry Pat, disagree. The forward announcement of roading is simply that, it is not extra money being spent. A $100 per child is a bribe as that is coming out of taxes, it is not something that all of us who do not have children at school will agree with.

    • Pat Brittenden July 2, 2014 / 16:12

      Hey Phil,

      I think you’re missing the point that it’s not just about these two policies, it’s about all the election promises, interest free student loans, 10,000 houses, tax cuts, WFF, free education, roading, they are either all, on some level, a bribe…or they’re not

      A bribe by defination is “a sum of money or other inducement offered or given to bribe someone”

      The inducement is a two lane bridge/$100/tax cut, they payment is ones vote

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