Winston Peters pointing the bone…again

Winston Peters has been pointing the bone at the National Government over the Aratere Ferry in a tweet this morning that follows several months of blaming National for the poor performance of this marine vessel

Winston Tweets

Winston Peter was in Government alongside the National Party in 1998 when the Aratere was purchased from Spain, in fact at the time of purchase he was the treasurer (December 1996 to August 1998).

I wonder if Winston is using this to score points when from 1999 this ship has been labelled ‘El Lemon’ by the crew. If it was that bad in 1999, surely he, as a part of Government and the treasurer when purchased, should hold some responsibility for buying this piece of junk.

I have to say we are used to Winston using the elderly, or immigrants, or anybody to further his political narrative, but he’s now using a ferry to score points. Wow!

3 thoughts on “Winston Peters pointing the bone…again

  1. Curwen Rolinson November 7, 2013 / 08:24

    Or maybe … he’s right, and has been on the money about this ferry being a danger to public safety and has been raising the issue on an ongoing basis for the previous decade and a half.

    Not only do you miss the point about extending the ferry in Singapore being responsible for some of its more modern failings; but you’ve got a pretty cynical understanding of politics if “raises awareness bout issue AND TURNS OUT TO BE RIGHT” is read by you as “point-scoring”.

  2. Pat Brittenden November 7, 2013 / 16:42

    Hi Curwen, thanks for the comment and whilst everybody is free to comment on this page, it’s probably also a good idea to share any conflicts of interest so we all get a better understanding on where each of us is coming from like how your a part of the NZ First Youth movement. This obviously doesn’t negate your comment in any way, but it does bring it into a different light. Again, many thanks 🙂

  3. Jim Howie November 9, 2013 / 00:12

    What should be noted is that the Aratere wasn’t built by KiwiRail so why should they be getting all the flak. Perhaps a little delving should be made into the original design and specifications required by Ara6 Co. This body set up for the building of the Aratere could also make an interesting study. The vessel was given a bad name right from the beginning by people who have no idea what they were or are talking about, I found it to be a good vessel to work on and the other problem was that the ship was too clever for some of the folk who sailed on her. A little investigation into the early days of the ship was be worthwhile, in the mean time please give the present management a break, they are making the best of a bad deal.
    Old sea doggie

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