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Okay so there have been several times and several posts when I have answered questions about my ‘christianity’ and how some in the church question my thoughts or opinions or acceptance of certain things that perhaps they question. The other conversation that I (and I think we all) come up against is those outside the church world looking in and making sweeping statements about what a Christian is.
According to the book unChristian, which is a research document where 16-29 year olds were asked their thoughts on many issues inside the church, 85%-95% of this group thinks that the words ‘homophobic’, ‘judgemental’ and ‘hypocrite’ can be interchanged with the word ‘Christian’. So if you class yourself as a ‘Christian’ then nine in ten Gen Y-ers think that you are a homophobic, judgemental hypocrite and I have to say the Church hasn’t done much to disprove those accusations in the last 60 years…in fact in the last 1,000 years to be honest.
So when I see the Chaplin for the Senate of the United States of America offering this prayer to Senators I wonder if it is time for a new yardstick both for those inside the church and outside.
The words of Chaplain Barry C. Black are as follows

Let us pray
Have mercy upon us oh God
And save us from the madness
We acknowledge our transgressions
Our shortcomings
Our smugness
Our selfishness
And our pride
Create in us clean hearts oh God
And renew a right spirit within us
Deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable, while being unreasonable
Remove the burdens of those who are the collateral damage of this Government shut down
Transforming negatives in positives
As you work for the good of those who love you
We pray in Your merciful name

I only hope his prayer was to a full Senate chamber.
So from now on people inside the church, or people of faith, AND people outside the church, how about we use these idea as our yardstick for what a ‘Christian is supposed to be’ as I am happy to stand alongside these biblically based ideas.

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