Goodbye ACT. John Banks to stand trial

It began with Kim Dotcom and ends with John Banks facing charges over “over allegations that he falsified his 2010 mayoral campaign return.”

What will this mean, well surely if the deal wasn’t sealed before it is now that ACT is gone from the 2014 election making it even harder for National to be re-elected. ACT and the Maori Party are somewhat in disarray and no matter how keen and confident they are I don’t think the Conservatives are able to step into the fold to take ACT’s place.

John Banks gone, ACT gone, Maori Party to lose a couple more seats, no coalition partner to take their place. Greens increasing everyday and Labour a small resurgent period since Cunliffe comes on board makes it an interesting 12 months.

I called it several months ago albeit with some different variables but I’ll stand by it and say it again now. Labour to win in 2014.

UPDATED 5.30pm

John Banks has resigned from all this ministerial portfolios

2 thoughts on “Goodbye ACT. John Banks to stand trial

  1. Mike Houlding October 16, 2013 / 16:36

    You surely don’t mean that. You mean there’s a possibility of a Labour/Green/Mana coalition don’t you ? Or do you think the Labour vote will be greater than the National vote ? Mike Houlding Mike the Mobile Physiotherapist (07) 544 8013 (M) 027 2959538

    • Pat Brittenden October 16, 2013 / 16:49

      I don’t know if they will need Mana, and if you throw NZ First in there it could be a different mix, but basically ‘Yes!’ to what you’re saying. I think Labour/Green combination will be within a hair’s breath of 50%, if not over, and they’ll join with another party if they need to. Ideologically speaking G/L/M to the left is not that different to N/A/MP/UF to the right. One side if centre left to far left, the other side if centre to far right. It just depends on where you’re political alliances lie as to whether you’ll be happy or not.

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