I fell in love with Breaking Bad…but it could only be set in America

I came to Breaking Bad late, but with millions of others around the world yesterday I watched with a  mix of excitement and sadness the end of the series and indeed the character of Walter White.

This morning I came across this cartoon in my inbox which I thought brilliant. If you are…

1.) A fan of Breaking Bad

2.) Confused by the Obamacare hold up at the moment

3.) Angry that some in America would portray healthcare for all as a bad thing

…then you’ll enjoy it (whilst being repulsed by it) too


And as a wee note, for those in America who may read this. I live in a country where there is ‘socialised medicine’ as so many Republicans vomit out and we have better health and wellbeing statistics in every single area of healthcare than you do…that’s EVERY SINGLE AREA…’nuf said.