“He’s not handicapped, he’s different”

Friday afternoon inspiration.

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  1. Linda Williscroft August 30, 2013 / 21:03

    Hi Pat. What I am going to say, I feel sure you won’t agree with, but I feel to say it anyhow. In fact, I may be the only one (though I doubt it) who feels this way.) I am not cruel, but I am straightforward-equally face-to-face as in writing. I wish to say some things which I really believe should be directed to the manager of Rhema, and I think I shall. The staff may all be a good bunch of people and loveable etc., so it isnt necessarily a criticism of any one individual.
    I started listening to Rhema when I returned 7 years ago, after 23 years overseas. I soon lost my appetite for it, in short time. I was deeply disappointed, because I’d heard its blurb about being the “voice of God to the nation,” and I kept wondering when it would be,
    My feelings about Rhema are that the music is demonic trash and most of the time the lyrics do nothing to redeem them, (even if they could be heard.) The music is of the world and I do not believe anyone ever got saved by tuning in to Rhema when the noise -thing (music) was on. The only good thing I recall is the occasional broadcast by some of the preachers-Missler, Meyer etc. That would probably constitute 2 hours a day out of a 24 hour day. (No-4 hours-coz they repeat them in the evening.) Four hours of anything worthwhile and THAT is only aimed at Christians. There is NOTHING on Rhema that attracts the unsaved. All the trite conversations and inane giggling that goes on, the silly tid-bits of useless info. thrown out to the listeners., etc..nope, there is not a thing to help anyone get saved. I believe that they try so hard to disguise their Christianity (to supposedly trap them into getting saved) with the same kind of talk that goes on in the purely secular media, that no one is inspired-let alone saved.
    I believe that the money donated to keep Rhema on the air each year is a huge waste of money, and should be given to people who are actually preaching the Good News and reaching lost souls. If ALL it is is another entertainment place for people who are already Christians, (which it mostly is,) then it should be improved to accomplish that. My feelings are that the annual money collection to keep them on air is only to keep the people on it, employed. They are not so much interested in “reaching the lost,” they are interested in keeping their nice “media” jobs and their good incomes.
    It is a commercialised, packaged presentation of the world: worldly music and worldly topics.
    “They are of the world, therefore speak they of the world,” it says in one of Johns epistles.
    If I were running Rhema, I would have New Zealanders giving their testimonies of salvation, healings and other answers to prayer. If some people are shy and not good “live” on radio, I’d ask people to record their testimony on a disc and send it in. I’d have the discs checked and if ok, then aired. I’d have people full of faith and the Holy Ghost live on radio, offering prayer to listeners-unsaved and saved, for healings and other needs. Those two things would be the mainstay of Rhema if I were in charge (which won’t happen, so don’t worry.) I’d have it all ensconced in godly Christian music, such as Scripture in Song, Maranatha etc. Yes, I’d keep the broadcasts of Meyer and Missler and the others on, but most of the radio would be reaching to the unsaved.
    I’d only have people on the staff who are pray-ers, people who will come to the studio and pray earnestly an hour before they are on, and who will fast during the week for at least one day. People who are not out to ‘look important’ but whose whole motive is to reach the lost and to glorify Jesus.
    We have a saltless, tasteless radio station that is fit for very little.

    I wish you well in your venture. If your whole heart is toward Jesus and His will -(set aside time to pray and fast just for yourself Pat,) then you will not mind that the door at Rhema has closed. When I was on a ministry team in our church, I resigned so that I could spend weeks in fastings and prayers, seeking the face of God. He led me to greater opportunities, praise His Name. When you seek Him just for Himself, then you will find Him and He will be more than all you could ever hope for.
    All the best to you and yours. Linda

    • Linda Williscroft August 31, 2013 / 10:37

      P.S. I should add Pat, that I am aware you likely could not take “weeks off” to seek God in fastings and prayer-you have a family to support, God bless you. But you could make time and sacrifice some of your free time in really just seeking Jesus Himself. I feel that is what you need, and what we all need. Just to seek and find the “face” of Jesus-a real spiritual encounter with Him, where one is so enarmoured by Him and in love with Him that all selfish ambition and vain-glory disappears (no, not saying you have those things, though it doesnt hurt us all to check for that, does it! coz it will stand in the way of pleasing God) an encounter with Him that makes us addicted to His Presence and seeking every moment which we can possibly find alone, to be with Him, in whispered prayer and adoration-or loud shouts of praise-whatever way the Spirit of God moves. I wish that for you and your family-and a fresh encounter for me too.
      Bless you.

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