Syrian reunion

A father who thought his son had died in the chemical attacks has an emotional reunion.


Happy Father’s Day for Sunday New Zealand

Well done National on the political stunt

Love them or hate them, support them or be repulsed by them you have to admit that yesterday in the house the National Party had a brilliant moment of Political tomfoolery at the expense of the Labour Party turning the leadership run into an X-Factor type popularity contest.

Contestant number one

Well done on whoever thought that one up. I hope that we get some more clever, funny political moments in the next 12 months as opposed to the negative slanging match that we have started to see more and more of over the past few elections.

Hilter run down as a young child?

German students make a fake advert where a Mercedes runs over a young Hitler.

Mercedes are not very happy with the advert, and I wonder if it’s just that they are protecting a past customer