‘Expert’ hypocrisy?


So when Ken Ring from predictweather.co.nz forecast there was going to be another earthquake we got told by the scientists that you cannot predict earthquakes. Mr. Ring then had death threats against him for saying it…but now when ‘experts’ suggest it it’s seems all okay to make predictions of ‘another big jolt.’

When Mr. Ring spoke out his prediction he was told it was yelling fire in a theatre, in fact some said that it was like yelling fire in a theatre where there was already a major fire going on…in other words of course a ‘prediction’ is going to be right as there are many earthquakes on the way…how is this any different?

Is it hypocrisy? Or is is that Mr.Ring is seen as a kook and science is more trusted to forecast upcoming quakes?

I don’t post this to support the validity of Ken Ring’s predictions, only to point out what looks like hypocrisy to me.

2 thoughts on “‘Expert’ hypocrisy?

  1. Hugh Allan August 19, 2013 / 09:52

    You’re pushing the envelope here…who do you want doing heart surgery on you? A professional surgeon with quals and ten years experience ot a witch doctor? Scientific procedure or anomalous intuition?

  2. Robyn August 19, 2013 / 13:33

    Science wants to be the authority, I guess :-/

    It came out in the Commission of Inquiry into building failures of Feb 22, that scientists didn’t want to alarm people by telling us of the very good chance of aftershocks of mag 6+ quakes on faultlines much closer to denser populated areas (ie Chch city and suburbs). The scientists kept this to themselves. If officialdom was notified they ignored it (to keep the $ rolling into CBD businesses, I guess). The population here was already terrorised by the Sept 7.1mag, and some of us were shocked to the core of our beings. I had to listen to people telling me to get over it because there’d be no more that bad, ad nauseam. My argument was, if the Greendale which produced the 7.1mag was hitherto unknown, how many more are waiting to reveal themselves? But I was just “being negative”.

    Scientific quake predictions in Canterbury, were based on the “known” faults. Lol, and we know where that thinking got us 😀

    Science may want to be the authority, but since these earthquakes and the accompanying crap I’ve had to listen to from the supposedly learned, I have lost all faith in any authority. Cant believe it took 49 years- some people learn this much earlier. I think when ya stop thinking you’re the boss of all information, you can become a voice worth listening to.

    For this reason, Ken Ring gets some respect from me- simply because he’s always said that with a joining of current knowledge (from the science community and people using his methods of looking), more accurate predictions are likely. He’s never wanted to be the sole authority, but simply to work together.

    In a round about way, that sums up why I think there are contradictory actions from the scientists.

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