‘Expert’ hypocrisy?


So when Ken Ring from predictweather.co.nz forecast there was going to be another earthquake we got told by the scientists that you cannot predict earthquakes. Mr. Ring then had death threats against him for saying it…but now when ‘experts’ suggest it it’s seems all okay to make predictions of ‘another big jolt.’

When Mr. Ring spoke out his prediction he was told it was yelling fire in a theatre, in fact some said that it was like yelling fire in a theatre where there was already a major fire going on…in other words of course a ‘prediction’ is going to be right as there are many earthquakes on the way…how is this any different?

Is it hypocrisy? Or is is that Mr.Ring is seen as a kook and science is more trusted to forecast upcoming quakes?

I don’t post this to support the validity of Ken Ring’s predictions, only to point out what looks like hypocrisy to me.