A not so happy Gilmore

gilmoreI have been fascinated with the vitriol surrounding National Party MP, Aaron Gilmore.

Let me make it clear, I think the way Aaron Gilmore acted in Hamner Springs is abhorrent. He is an egotistically boof-head, a doosh, an idoit, and someone who I think was described beautifully this morning on talkback as ‘the kind of guy who played two minutes for the First XV.’ He is the kind of person who then claimed the rest of his life to have been in the top team at college.

Aaron Gilmore has already had situations in his politically career, he…ahem… massaged his CV and was forced to change it and in this current incident has gone from bad to worse when he first apologised for the behaviour of the whole group, to the have John Key label that group as ‘boisterous‘ only to have a member of the group, lawyer Andrew Riches, then speak out pointing out it was only Gilmore who made a scene. Further to that statement the PM re-stated that he wouldn’t be calling for Gilmore to step down but did offer for the staff in Hamner Springs to complain officially, and if they did there would be an investigation. Full wrap here.

The first thing is that the PM is if he ejects Gilmore, and Gilmore doesn’t step down he becomes an independent, which could leave National in the position of giving the balance of power to the Maori Party (assuming Gilmore then voted against them…and he seems to be the kind of smarmy twonk that may do that out of spite) the second thing though is that I have been intrigued with the opinionated outpouring by the media over this.

Being very blunt, Aaron Gilmore has been a dickhead…but is that a sackable offence?

To hear on numerous talkback show over the last 24 ours, 100% of the hosts calling for ‘him to go‘…is intriguing to me. The reason it is mostly intriguing is that many of these media outlets have homophobic, arrogant, racist, bigoted, entitled, egotistically and in some case criminally convicted people working for them…many of their traits I would find much more severe that Gilmore’s arrogant dickishness…but they  are calling for him  to go.

Hello kettle, this is pot…you’re black.

I don’t support Aaron Gilmore in this post, I think by the numerous use of synonyms here for being a nob is testament to that but if the media, of all groups of people, are going to call for someone to be removed because they are a tosser…if that is the yardstick for removing someone from a position…then I’d be interested to see who’s left on air, on our screens, or in a newsroom once that yard stick is applied across the board.