Paul Holmes R.I.P

I had the great pleasure of working the shift before Paul Holmes started for 4 years, he was a gracious, encouraging, funny and genuinely interested in what other were about.

I’d be leaving, he’d be heading down the elevator for a cigarette, and the question would be “So Pat, what are they talking about?

He was the best, the yardstick, the measure by which all other broadcasters have been, and will be compared to for some time yet.

There are stories in the TRN building of Sir Paul offering time and hospitality to younger broadcasters from all the stations, even some stories about him having some local ZM announcers around to his house for a knees up. I haven’t personally heard of too many negative interactions with Paul…that seemed to be the kind of guy he was.

Occasionally he stepped over a mark,  the famous ‘Cheeky Darkie’ comment comes to mind, but it was never malicious, never intended to hurt or harm. In fact the ‘Cheeky Darkie’ comment whilst we would all agree was not appropriate, was actually Sir Paul trying to be funny, sarcastic, ‘cheeky’ if you will and it missed the mark.

So in saying that this is my tribute to Sir Paul, I made this in the days after the infamous event, and I play it to remember an amazing man, a man who pushed boundaries that many of us who followed got the benefits of. He meant it as an acerbic joke…I look at the following audio as that, as the conclusion to the joke…that went a bit too far.

R.I.P Paul Holmes

3 thoughts on “Paul Holmes R.I.P

  1. lynyrd3232 February 1, 2013 / 11:51

    i not sure why i receive your posts pat given our interaction and you publicly unfriending me on facebook . i see you are leaving rhema as well. oh dear. but if you could take me off your list thanks as i have no interst in receiving posts from you.

    Regards Maggie


  2. Mac February 4, 2013 / 10:56

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    1) It is sad that your comment section on your web-site is just 2 lines in a form, which is very retro 90’s and hardly encourages proper communication.

    2) On another subject, I have been a part time listener to your radio station for some time now, and have enjoyed various speakers that you have such as: Bob Gas, Joyce Meyer and increasingly over 2012 your talk back show host Pat Brittenden.

    I followed Pat with much interest and some concern as he began with Rhema, but as he settled in to his role I was impressed with his flair, creativity, methods of dealing with people, intelligence and engaging conversations. He has a unique way of bringing people together to discuss topical subjects that affect our community spiritually and morally.

    As I work about my farm and in my workshop, or drive about the countryside, I have increasingly enjoyed tuning in and listening to Pat Brittenden’s show and hearing the heart of the people having a chance to speak topically and with a decent moderation, which is so engaging and necessary for the people of today.

    For millennia men have sat at the gates to towns and villages, or the village square, and chewed the fat about politics, religion and 1001 other things (all topical subjects) face to face, live. With the advent of newspapers, radio and latterly the television, public debate has been often confined to a select few at the top informing the general masses as to what the news of the day is. An example of this is when Mark Twain stated something along this line: “If I do not read the newspaper, I am uninformed. If I do read the newspaper, I am misinformed.”

    My family has been listening out for Pat for some time now, and as he appeared to have been on an extended holiday, we hardly listen to Rhema any longer. Today we discovered that Rhema has decided to rid itself of one of its greatest assets, which defies all logic, especially considering that Rhema allows freedom of expression in that it plays Christian rock music on the one hand (to which I loathe), yet denies what was a truly wonderful avenue of thought provoking communication for a mostly broken society that wants answers.

    I do self supporting missionary work and know first hand how society desperately needs the age old medium of freedom of speech on the air waves, wherein topical subjects can be discussed with a mature, balanced moderator like Pat Brittenden. Pat has a unique ability to keep engaging conversations going in a fair and balanced manner. My family are devastated that Rhema has chosen to dismiss Pat, and in so doing I personally believe that you have dismissed many avid listeners to boot.

    Sadly my family seldom listen to Rhema any longer, as it has lost its star attraction and become a just another mediocre Christian rock station, catering to a more confined corner of the community.

    Yours sincerely,

    (Mac) Neil Mackintosh

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