I am looking at the story about DJs at the centre of the royal prank call trying to figure the whole thing out.
It seems that like many radio announcers in the past they made a call, which got to a place it shouldn’t have, they took the piss, it was cleared by not only management, but the company lawyers, and the call went to air.
The process wouldn’t have gotten a second look other than two factors…it was about the future Queen and her unborn child, and someone involved with the call has now killed themselves.
I am terribly upset for the family of Jacintha Saldanha, her friends and colleagues, it is a situation that must be unbearable. I also feel, albeit not on the same level, sorry for the announcers who basically did their jobs, were cleared by management, and now have death threats and the world wanting their blood.
It seems to be a ‘there but for the grace of God‘ situation that many of us, who have done this kind of thing, could have been put in.
Here is an example of a crank call I made in 2005/06 when I got the Grosvenor of the Reserve Bank out of an important meeting to ask him how the changing of the size of the silver coins was going to impact my ‘takeaway and spacies‘ business over summer.
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/70627683″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
I got to a place I shouldn’t have, if the person who answered the phone and put me through was the subject of some kind of disciplinary action I would have probably made news…but that didn’t happen.
I am interested in seeing if there is any kind of history of suicide attempts or depression in Ms. Saldanha’s life as this situation on it’s own, where she didn’t give out any information and she wasn’t going to be disciplined in any way, leads me to think that perhaps this story is yet to be told in its entirety.


  1. I was thinking along the same lines? What is the history of the poor lady? Was this incident just the thing to finish her off? Just seems a bit too much to take in. I feel really sorry for everyone concerned, especially the family of the victim. Who would want to be a Royal?

  2. As I understand life, it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond?
    The woman concerned WOULD have been debriefed if only as part of a routine investigation. The process of unwitnessed, anonymous, unsubstantiated allegations in “office politics” would have occurred. People do that, especially ambitious people.. Here they, people responsible, ex post facto, have the perfect scapegoats.
    Do feel for the shock jocks but the aggression is part of the job which they probably won’t have for long. Always blame the bottom rung! Managers, lawyers tut, tut, tut.
    The whole concept of commercial hoax calls should be under scrutiny. Why
    “Perhaps this story is yet to be told in its entirety.” Probably not soon… Days not hours!

  3. I can’t understand how the information was given over the phone. That was strictly forbidden at North Shore Hospital when I worked there. Surely there was protocol in place. Also, the nurse who gave the information was to blame, not Jacintha.

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