The War on Christmas

Daily Show War on ChristmasEvery year in America there is a ‘War on Christmas’ as sold by Fox News.

Is it so…or is it an exaggeration?

Oh, and while we are here…don’t be concerned about people using the phrase ‘Happy Holidays’…it’s an appropriate way of covering what we call the holiday period that starts about Christmas and ends in the New Year rather than saying “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”…not so sinister ah?

And one more thing, please this year…show some holiday spirit and don’t believe the hype you’ll hear some on talkback stations that Christmas is being banned in places like kindergartens. What normally follows those ignorant statements is someone then blaming a minority for the changes. If…and I do say if…this happens anywhere the likely scenario is that some pen-pusher bureaucrat decided independently that someone may be offended so they make the move, when they needn’t.

Check out The Daily Show’s take on the War on Christmas from last night…

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