Ken Ring does it again!

We had Ken Ring on air this morning to have a chat about the ‘Supermoon’ last night, I mean who else would you have other than the ‘Moonman’ himself.

The aim of the conversation was to chat about why the moon was so large, although I was thinking about the subject matter around his ‘predictions’ and the hot water they landed him in last year. Didn’t know if I was going to go there or not.

Well I needn’t had worried about it, as Ken went there himself.

We first chatted about what a ‘perigee’ was

Ken then went on to make a prediction about when chances of earthquakes were more likely

Anybody who’s living in the Christchurch area you can relax after tomorrow but then around the 11th you should be mindful that this is a risky period” says Ken Ring.

I was a tad taken aback as last year my understanding was that Mr. Ring needed to go into hiding after death threats around his predictions…and today he does it again.

We phone him back to see if he’d spoken to any other media outlet about this prediction and as of 11.30am he had not. So if you are part of the media world, and you use this audio, please remember it’s Pat Brittenden Mornings, on New Zealand’s Rhema ;o)

2 thoughts on “Ken Ring does it again!

  1. Robyn Hood May 7, 2012 / 17:13

    Poor Ken. He really needs a PR person or communiction training. He’s just too open and honest for the a-holes of this world. (And he certainly has trouble staying on track with topic).
    I don’t believe he ever scaremongered either. It’s entirely up to us what we believe.

    Also, I doubt he’d call it a prediction. What he has said is that there are lunar and solar conditions coming up, that increase the liklihood of whatever… (in Chch’s case where there’s poss still a lot of stress left in the ground from previous quakes and god only knows how many other unknown faultlines, that added pressure could tip it to “break”) And it may not. Ken’s always said he’s not a geo-whatever person, and he’d appreciate having the knowledge, equipment and info that those scientists have, as he believes the combined knowledge could one day help with possible prediction.

    But let’s not let that stop us from a good ole witch burning.

  2. Ken Ring May 14, 2012 / 10:14

    Thanks Robyn, you are correct, I don’t make predictions. Others do, based on what I suggest is likely or coming around. Then they attribute them to me. It is the same with the metservice. They may say a front is coming which may bring snow. I point to a pattern and ask the reader to accept or not that the pattern may be relevant. It’s always all about potential, nothing more. Some take it to heart and make use of the information, and some think predictions are anti-Christian and look for someone to burn. I can’t please everyone. My job is longrange forecaster, so it is my job to warn. If I didn’t, I’d also be blamed for staying quiet. I say it as I find it. I am only speaking to those who wish to hear my views. If I made predictions I would use the word “will happen”. You will not find that in my work. I do not ever and would not ever set myself up as God. I say “may”, “might”, “is likely”, “is possible” etc.

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