Sacha Baron Cohen offending Kazakhstan all these years later…without even trying

When the Borat movie came out the people of Kazakhstan were outraged, the government started doing press around the world to show Kazakhstan was nothing like the parody that Cohen put forward as a comedic character. All this proved is that Cohen is brilliant and played the world perfectly for millions of dollars of free advertising. But even Sacha Baron Cohen could not have predicted the latest upheaval to come out of his 2006 mockumentary.

At a shooting event in Kuwait, upon make winning the gold medal for her glorious country, Kazakh shooter Maria Dmitrienko had to stand on the podium and listen to Borat’s version of the anthem.

The spoof anthem praises Kazakhstan for its superior potassium exports and for having the cleanest prostitutes in the region.

I am sorry for the most make glorious Maria’s moment for beloved nation, but it is pretty funny and to her credit she seemed to take the error pretty well, she smiled and walked off at the end of the ceremony…which upon the complaint of the team was later rerun.

The BBC reports

The team’s coach told Kazakh media the organisers of the Kuwait tournament had downloaded the parody from the internet by mistake and had also got the Serbian national anthem wrong

However it’s not just ‘foreign dogs’ that are the enemy of the most glorious Kazakh National Anthem…sometimes they are their own worst enemy. From the Mirror speaking of the latest mistake.

It comes just weeks after embarrassed Kazakhstan officials made an anthem gaffe of their own.

As the announcer at a ski race declared: “Eyes on the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is beginning,” proud dignitaries put their hands on their hearts.

However, instead of the earnest anthem to ‘make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan’, Ricky Martin’s rather more breezy 1999 No1 Livin’ la Vida Loca blared out of the speakers.

Giggling officials in Kostanay were left standing for a few awkward moments, possibly expecting Borat to leap out at them in his mankini, before the worker in charge of the loudspeaker hurriedly switched to Menin Kazakhstan.

Maybe that’s why Sacha Baron Cohen had such an easy time convincing the world he was from this Ricky Martin loving country.