The Political Panel with Jacinda Adern and Simon Bridges

Talking about Labour moving to the middle and Nick SMith

One thought on “The Political Panel with Jacinda Adern and Simon Bridges

  1. Mike Houlding March 23, 2012 / 14:52

    Re the middle political ground.
    At the last election we had the Mana Party at the extreme left, and in my humble opinion, the Greens very close by. At the extreme right what did we have ? John Banks ?

    If extreme left equates with anarcho/Marxism and extreme right with Adolf (but I’m a socialist really) Hitler then what exactly has happened to our political spectrum ? I may be wrong but on our extreme left we have extreme lefties and in the other corner we are miles away from fascism.

    My point is the left control the debating terms here – and the situation is clouded all the more by media collusion. When did the Greens ever really own up and declare their true red anti-capitalist ethos ? And why do the media let them get away with it ?

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