Police raids seem…no longer picky!

Well after my bitchy post yesterday about the disparity between the police raiding a community with allegations, and leaving alone an establishment that is flouting the law it was interesting to see this article on stuff.co.nz

Police have raided an Auckland warehouse where pro-cannabis activists were allegedly selling the drug from a vending machine.

Four people were arrested and police seized $27,000 cash, cannabis and drug paraphernalia from the New Lynn Daktory last night.

The raid comes after Auckland Now revealed yesterday people could buy one gram bags of cannabis for $20 from the vending machine at the clubhouse. Police seized the machine last night.

Police said there were 20 people at the Delta Ave property at the time of the raid.

A backpack containing the cash was found, along with half a kilo of pre-packaged cannabis. Police also seized a “large assortment” of utensils, bongs, pipes, spotting knives and loose cannabis.

Three men and one woman were arrested and charged with various drug-related offences, including possession of cannabis and possession for supply. They will appear in the Waitakere District Court on Wednesday.

Waitemata Detective Inspector Bruce Scott said police would continue to monitor activities at the Daktory.

Bravo police, it’s about consistency, I applaud you

2 thoughts on “Police raids seem…no longer picky!

  1. Julian Crawford March 25, 2012 / 20:25

    I wonder why the church sides with secular authorities on this issue. Cannabis prohibition is enforced globally by the UN single convention on Narcotics. The UN are also a form of one world government.

    It’s important to understand that Christianity is based on the use of cannabis as stated in the bible.

    The anointing oil of Moses was made using cannabis. (Exodus 30:23)

    Jesus healed a man and told him to apply the oil from Moses’ recipe. (Luke 5:14)

    Jesus told his disciples to heal surrounding villages in pairs using the cannabis oil. (Mark 6:13)

    Jesus claimed he would release prisoners. (Luke 4:18)

    Christian ministries dedicated to the spiritual and medical use of cannabis have started in places like Hawaii. Minister Rodger Christie has been held for over a year in prison without trial.

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