Bronwyn Pullar comes out swinging

It would seem that Bronwyn Pullar kept her head down one she became ‘public fodder’ maybe it was because she was aware that once she was in the public domain it would reflect poorly on Nick Smith…but now that the Smith saga has come it it’s very high profile sticky end, it seems Ms. Pullar is coming out swinging.

In the Dominion Post this morning she has made allegations that ACC has made about complaining to the police are false and defamatory

“Given the false assertions and the contradictory evidence, I have solid grounds to make a complaint to police over ACC’s false accusations lodged against me in an attempt to defame me.”

She also made clear that she did not make any blackmail threat.

“This new response from the ACC managers was a shock to me as it totally contradicted their initial response. It also contradicted their subsequent correspondence. I never threatened to use the file containing sensitive date at the meeting. I never threatened to use the file in any way at this meeting, or any other time.”

Bronwyn Pullar goes on to make her case to the public, now that she seems to be speaking freely, succinctly.

“ACC has deliberately leaked my name to the media and has set out to intentionally destroy my privacy and reputation. It shows how ACC treats claimants with disdain,” she said. “It shows how ACC will smash anybody who dares speak out. It is simply not good enough that sensitive claimants’ names are published every month in ACC reports.”

Pullar made a public declaration yesterday to TVNZ that she is sorry for what happened to Nick Smith, but now that that part of this soap opera is over, it would appear that the bit is firmly between her teeth and the saga goes on.