Police raids seem…no longer picky!

Well after my bitchy post yesterday about the disparity between the police raiding a community with allegations, and leaving alone an establishment that is flouting the law it was interesting to see this article on stuff.co.nz

Police have raided an Auckland warehouse where pro-cannabis activists were allegedly selling the drug from a vending machine.

Four people were arrested and police seized $27,000 cash, cannabis and drug paraphernalia from the New Lynn Daktory last night.

The raid comes after Auckland Now revealed yesterday people could buy one gram bags of cannabis for $20 from the vending machine at the clubhouse. Police seized the machine last night.

Police said there were 20 people at the Delta Ave property at the time of the raid.

A backpack containing the cash was found, along with half a kilo of pre-packaged cannabis. Police also seized a “large assortment” of utensils, bongs, pipes, spotting knives and loose cannabis.

Three men and one woman were arrested and charged with various drug-related offences, including possession of cannabis and possession for supply. They will appear in the Waitakere District Court on Wednesday.

Waitemata Detective Inspector Bruce Scott said police would continue to monitor activities at the Daktory.

Bravo police, it’s about consistency, I applaud you

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Bronwyn Pullar comes out swinging

It would seem that Bronwyn Pullar kept her head down one she became ‘public fodder’ maybe it was because she was aware that once she was in the public domain it would reflect poorly on Nick Smith…but now that the Smith saga has come it it’s very high profile sticky end, it seems Ms. Pullar is coming out swinging.

In the Dominion Post this morning she has made allegations that ACC has made about complaining to the police are false and defamatory

“Given the false assertions and the contradictory evidence, I have solid grounds to make a complaint to police over ACC’s false accusations lodged against me in an attempt to defame me.”

She also made clear that she did not make any blackmail threat.

“This new response from the ACC managers was a shock to me as it totally contradicted their initial response. It also contradicted their subsequent correspondence. I never threatened to use the file containing sensitive date at the meeting. I never threatened to use the file in any way at this meeting, or any other time.”

Bronwyn Pullar goes on to make her case to the public, now that she seems to be speaking freely, succinctly.

“ACC has deliberately leaked my name to the media and has set out to intentionally destroy my privacy and reputation. It shows how ACC treats claimants with disdain,” she said. “It shows how ACC will smash anybody who dares speak out. It is simply not good enough that sensitive claimants’ names are published every month in ACC reports.”

Pullar made a public declaration yesterday to TVNZ that she is sorry for what happened to Nick Smith, but now that that part of this soap opera is over, it would appear that the bit is firmly between her teeth and the saga goes on.

NZ Government ‘kowtowed’ to the US over Dotcom

Yesterday Barrister Gary Gotlieb stated in court that NZ ‘kowtowed’ to American business interests in the case against Kim Dotcom.

This statement comes amongst revelations that the seizure of Dotcoms property was illegal because “police applied for the wrong kind of order” according to Justice Potter

Kim Dotcome has been granted $60,000 per month to live off, access to his 2011 Mercedes and the crown needs to pay him $5,000 for legal costs to sort out the incorrect seizure of his goods.

In court yesterday Barrister Gary Gotlieb stated.

”Someone else in the world will be doing it, and simply to bend towards business interests in America, which is really what it’s about, kowtowing to business interests in America, I would have thought would not sit comfortably with many New Zealanders.”

And for me I agree with much of this statement,

When I interviews a retired FBI agent of 32 years who looked at the case for me, he stated quite plainly that the case came from the Motion Picture Association of America amongst other, they complained and the FBI sprang into action.

Crown lawyer Anne Toohey said that American was not controlling this extradition situation, it is handled under crown law

”Every day we get requests for forms of assistance from all countries all over the world, including restraint of assets, execution of search warrants and that manner of thing. For us it is really daily business.”

This still has the feeling of American sneezing and the NZ catching a cold to me, I hope it’s proven otherwise but I will continue to follow this case with great interest.