Police raids seem…picky in whom they raid

Seems interesting to me that the Police will raid a mostly Maori community looking for several alleged offenders, but when a group comes out overtly breaking the law their punishment is a nice wee story about their criminal activity in the paper.

New Zealand’s first cannabis club, the Daktory, has been using the machine – which sells one gram bags of cannabis for $20 – at it’s New Lynn headquarters to avoid any of their members being charged with dealing the Class C drug.

The hired vending machine is a standard dispenser but has been filled with cannabis rather than confectionery or toys.

The Daktory was opened in November 2008 and boasted a membership of several thousand before its founder Dakta Green was jailed for eight months for possessing, selling and for allowing the Delta Ave warehouse to be used for drug taking in June 2011

The story from stuff.co.nz goes on

The Daktory announced it was closing its doors to the public and would be used as the headquarters for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml).

But Norml president Julian Crawford confirmed the club was again open for business from Wednesday to Sunday.

He said the vending machine had been a hit with guests with ”a few hundred sales” taking place on busy nights.

”It has been very popular, quite a few people come here.”

So where is the police raid here? Or even a single police officer sidling up and pointing out the criminal activity, that is admitted to, should really be stopped…and if not stopped maybe at least stopped being talked about so openly.

Just a thought.

5 thoughts on “Police raids seem…picky in whom they raid

  1. James March 22, 2012 / 22:05

    Sorry….I see a breach of the (stupid,immoral and impractical ) drug “law” as it is….but I see no actual “Criminal” activity.taking place..?

    Do explain…

  2. Rob March 22, 2012 / 22:07

    beware of redneckism, Pat

  3. Robyn Hood March 22, 2012 / 23:58

    Fair question on inconsistencies. I think the cops have always picked and chosen what to focus on. Since so many smoke drugs, wouldn’t pay to upset too many voters (smokers) unless it’s one of their campaigns of “focus” at the time. Whereas, the top cops who are directly answerable to Govt, may well have been directed to perpetuate the “good guy vs bad guy” prejudice that so many “hate” voters get off on… (like “lazy” beneficiaries who need “dealing” to, as well!)
    Also- I think there are a shortage of police, and so they don’t take on more than they can handle, maybe…?

  4. Ann March 23, 2012 / 07:30

    they raided last night

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