Nick Smith…another in a long line of shamed politicians

I referenced in my last post that Nick Smith was “another example of an MP abusing his position…denying it, then having to fall on his sword.”

From the Dom Post here are some details just in this century

  • Nick Smith, 2012: Resigned after he came under pressure for writing a reference letter for his friend Bronwyn Pullar, who was seeking help with her ACC case. His letter was written on ACC letterhead and used to advance Pullar’s claim.
  • Phil Heatley, 2010: Resigned from housing and fisheries portfolios after misspending taxpayers’ money. He was reinstated a month later after the Auditor-General’s inquiry found that while he spent $1402 wrongly, he did not intentionally break the rules.
  • Pansy Wong, 2010: Prime Minister John Key said he would have sacked the Ethnic Affairs Minister if she hadn’t handed in her resignation. Wong came under fire after she used her travel entitlement to pay for parts of her husband’s trip to China in late 2008, where he conducted private business.
  • Richard Worth, 2009: Resigned as Internal Affairs Minister and from other portfolios after it was alleged he offered a woman a job in return for romantic favours. Police investigated Worth after the woman laid a complaint, but no charges were laid.
  • David Benson Pope, 2007: Forced to resign as Social Development and Environment Minister after making misleading statements about the removal of Madeleine Setchell from her job as Environment Ministry communications manager.
  • Lianne Dalziel, 2004: Resigned as Immigration Minister after misleading the media over leaked documents about a controversial immigration case. Reinstated October 2005.
  • Ruth Dyson, 2000: Quit after being caught drink driving. Reinstated in 2001.
  • Dover Samuels, 2000: Sacked as Maori Affairs Minister over allegations of sexual misconduct. Police investigated but no charges were laid.

And these are just ministers who have had the ‘decency’ to  fall on their swords, we could now start to mention, imagine the list of those who have abused their position and thought nothing of it al a  Rodney Hide and his overseas jaunt with his girldfriend.

I shudder to think how long that list is

As you can see several were reinstated, I think this is the likely situation for Smith, he’ll be on the back bench for a year, then he will come back into cabinet in the shuffle just prior to the next election.


2 thoughts on “Nick Smith…another in a long line of shamed politicians

  1. James March 21, 2012 / 18:32

    Rodney abused nothing…what he did was perfectly valid and within the rules.It was after all his own withheld money that he spent on the travel…and no MP deserved it more for all they had tried to do for the NZ taxpayer. He saved us many millions and would have saved us millions more if he had been able to get the regulatory responsibility bill through.

  2. alex March 21, 2012 / 19:01

    Rodney was an idiot though, he got a reputation as a ‘perkbuster’ and then went and used a perk. If he was really that keen on saving public money then he would have used his own for the trip. He didn’t and it deservedly cost him. He wasn’t corrupt, but he was a hypocrite.

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