What hot air (or at least compressed air) can really be used for in parliament

Perfect timing at the end of the piece when protester gets in one more blast…gotta love it


Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney

Well it was 1,504 days ago…but it does demonstrate how your words can come back to haunt you.

A win to the Romney camp on this one.

The Panel with Bob McCoskrie and Sam Bloore

Pat, Sam and Bob talk about drug reform and kids being left in carparks when you feel like a beer

DTW: Flight of the Concords tickets early with VISA

So I’m sure you’ve heard that FOTC’s are coming back to NZ to perform for the first time in 3 years, but what is a little more unknown is that you can get tickets early via a VISA pre-sale website.

You need to obvioulsy a VISA card holder, but if you are go go here in about 5 minutes and you may be able to pick up tickets today…while everyone else is waiting until Friday


May the force be with you…

And while your deciding here for your entertainment is my favourite FOTC live song.


Another Romney flip-flop over gas prices

Mitt Romney, the king of ‘flip floppers’, has done it again and this time it’s around gas prices.

Yesterday he spoke out about why prices were so high.

“When he campaigned he said he wanted to raise the price of gasoline,” Mr. Romney said of Mr. Obama at a pancake breakfast here Sunday. “He said that under him energy costs would skyrocket.”

So yesterday it was Obama’s fault that gas prices were so high less than a month ago…

“I think the American people know that to a certain degree gas prices are driven by what’s happening around the world, supply and demand.”

Mitt must not have gotten the memo sent out by the Republican Party to make sure places like FOX News were not talking up small improvements in the economy but focusing on gas prices and unemployment.

So what’s all the hub-bub about with gas prices? Sure the prices has gone up in America…but to what?

Prices in the weekend averaged $US3.81 a gallon.

$US3.81 id $NZ4.61 and a US gallon is 3.79 litres

That means in America they are paying the equivalent here in NZ of $NZ1.22 per litre, close to half what we are paying here…I think it’s time to get over it America and count your blessings