No wonder he was so grumpy today

I was at Car-fe today, if you are not aware it’s Matthew Ridge’s business and c an I say from a business model it is an awesome investment. I counted I think 40 cars that had either been cleaned, were being cleaned or were waiting to be cleaned…and that was only over an hour or so, Cha-ching!

I paid $60 for what the call ‘New Car’ and I have to say the outside looked great, probably about as good as you could get it looking…however the inside certainly did not look ‘new car’. There was plenty of vacuum-able grit/dirt left under the seats which was visible and the surfaces were only lightly wiped over. Outside great…inside average so maybe a ‘B’ grade…but probably not worth $60…if it was done to ‘New Car’ standard then it definitely would be worth the money.

Matthew was there rushing around the vehicles huffing and puffing, seeming a little gruff. I don’t know whether this is his usual business practice or if he was having a bad day and then I saw this article on

It would appear sadly that his little girl and sporting superstar SBW have called it quits. As a dad it must be hard to have your little girl’s relationship splashed all over the papers…sheesh I wouldn’t want it.

I just wonder now if he was a little more distracted than he would be on any other day.