A tough one when apparently two crimes have been committed.


Mellissa May

Mellissa May, the woman who pleaded guilty to assault on a minor, is seeking diversion.

Typical talk back call over the past few days saying, “She should go before a jury, they’d never convict her” or “the police should never have charged her”, well ‘they would’ and ‘they should have.’

Just because a jury sees something as ‘unfair’ doesn’t mean a guilty verdict would come out and this assault happened in front of the police, they were there, they saw it. Imagine the precedent that it would set if police did nothing about a woman, for whatever justifiable reason you think, hit a minor in front of them. Do we think that May would have admitted guilt if she thought she could have ‘gotten away with it?’ She pleaded guilty so she could apply for diversion; if there were any plausible scenario where she may have been found ‘not guilty’ in a court of law logic tells us she would have taken that path.

Here is the one indisputable fact in this case. This woman committed an assault on a 14 year old. That is no question about that. She hit a 14 year old…in front of the police…and now has admitted her guilt.

Now, as an experienced talk back host I must humbly advise ‘Owen’ from ‘Nelson’ of the point he should be making. What you are actually saying ‘Owen’ is that you think this assault is justifiable. There was definitely an assault, but you think that this mother assaulting the 14 year old girl was acceptable because she allegedly beat up her child. Well let’s investigate that.

The indisputable fact is that the assault took place, the disputable fact is that the girl who was assaulted, and her ‘friend’ assaulted the child of Mellissa May. Now let me be clear here, I am not saying that didn’t happen, but currently that is alleged as it hasn’t been proven in a court of law and we take those accused in NZ as innocent until proven guilty…another minor part of out society that I’d advise ‘Owen’ about before he convicts every person in NZ on a news item.

So now were at at the point where we can confirm that May assaulted a 14 year old, and that she has admitted her guilt. Those are facts. The remaining question is what happens now?

If the justice system allows her diversion, then we are setting another precedent here that if your kid gets beaten up, you can go an take revenge physically on the ‘alleged’ perpetrator…if she receives a sentence from the judge then people will be asking about ‘the right to defend ones child’…albeit a weak argument in this story.

To each of those questions I have no answer, if it was me who had the child who allegedly assaulted May’s child I’d be thinking one thing, if I was May I’d be thinking the opposite.

Tough one.

One thought on “A tough one when apparently two crimes have been committed.

  1. Lisa January 26, 2012 / 16:23

    I do not agree with any type of violence, two wrongs don’t made it right. The problem here is she is an adult and if her child had only smacked the other kid back, she would not be were she is today. If her child had smacked back nothing more would have happened. My Mum always told me bigger the person whom walks away back in the 70s that was fine.. However when my son was bullied at intermediate it was upsetting as this boy bullied many kids and it was in the early 90s and the intermediate did not do a lot about it. However my son, you are going to love this, somehow manged to get the bully to play a game with a few of them and he ended up being handcuffed to the intermediate flag pole. The handcuffs where kids ones, well the key broke, the metal work teacher was not confident enough to cut them from this kid. The fire service was called, here we had the school bully cuffed to the pole, all the kids thought it was a huge joke, laughed at this boy, after that day my son for some reason never had a shortage of friends, when he came home and told me, i couldn’t stop laughing thought it was funny as, but also was worried this bully would get my son, thankfully it didn’t happen and it made a good read in the morning paper. He saw the opportunity to get a non violent pay back.

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