The thing I am most looking forward to about the award season? Ricky Gervais this weekend on the Globes

Ricky Gervais is set to host the Golden Globes again this weekend. I wonder when was the last time that the host of one of Hollywood’s big nights was the biggest headline.

If you are not up with the story, last year Gervais created some controversy by taking some very funny pot shots at the certain A-Listers, here’s his introduction from last year to give you a taste

Some took genuine offence, but one who didn’t, in fact one who said that he thought it was the ‘funniest part of the night’ when he was singled out was Johnny Depp. In fact later in the year, Depp made a cameo on Gervais’ new show ‘Life’s too Short’ with some hilarious undertones that many fans thought was real.

This year I wonder if the Hollywood crowd will be more prepared for Ricky’s dry. sarcastic, cutting humour as many were not ready for it last year.

I have to say it was nice to see someone not taking the whole Hollywood scene to seriously, sometimes it would appear that the ‘Yes!’ men get too close to these very high profile people and maybe they themselves then take things a wee bit too serious.

I am sure this weekend we won’t see any punches pulled by Gervais.

The Golden Globes can be seen live on SKY’s Vibe from 2pm Monday the 16th January.

The greatest invention in the history of mankind!

So who is it?

Have you heard of Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell,  Thomas Edison and Archimedes? All morons compared to the inventor of what I saw the other day!

I don’t know the name of the person, or people, who are responsible for this invention but they should get some kind of ‘greatest inventor ever’ award.

If you haven’t seen these yet, when you see them and use them…you will agree with me.

I’m talking about the indicator lights at Auckland’s Civic Carpark, if the light is red, there is a car in the spot, if it is green, it’s free.

The greatest invention park indicator lights

Now for those people who do not frequent large parking buildings you’ll be wondering what all the hubbub is all about, trust me, to be able to look down a line of parked  cars and see one free space before turning in…is orgasmic.

Just see how easy it is here to spot a free park by the green lights.

I can see a spare park or two!

Whoever you are that thought of this idea, I salute you!

And for you green eyed parkers who are out there now thinking, “Why don’t I have these at my parking building?” I can only say “nah-nah-na-nah-nahh!”

Jim DeMint (R) on The Daily Show

One of the things I love about Jon Stewart interviews is he actually reads the books of his interviews. Most do not. Here he interviews Tea Party darling and Senator from South Carolina Jim DeMint on, amongst other things, the Bush tax cuts, his opposition to regulation of the private sector, being bipartisan…oh, and his book.

Part One—jim-demint-extended-interview-pt–1?xrs=share_copy

Part Two—jim-demint-extended-interview-pt–2?xrs=share_copy

Part Three—jim-demint-extended-interview-pt–3?xrs=share_copy

Story of the Day Award

Brilliant story coming out of Kentucky

A group of Amish men were sent to jail in western Kentucky Thursday for refusing to pay fines for breaking a state highway law that requires their horse-drawn buggies to be marked with orange reflective triangles.

The men have a religious objection to the bright orange signs, which they say are flashy and conflict with their pledge to live low-key and religious lives.

See the full story here…and remember that orange triangles are too flashy!