Thought NZ was snake free ah?

What the heck is all this about?

Somerfield resident Kris Kaan was walking with a friend along Cashmere’s Ashgrove Tce on Thursday evening when they came across the unusual find.

“Me and my mate were just walking along. We saw a lady standing on the side of the road looking down at the ground.”

Kaan’s friend saw the snake first, and he heard him ask the woman “is that real”.

“Then I looked down and just thought it was some rubber snake.

“I kept saying `is this real, is this a joke’.”

The snake was at least a metre long and was tan-brown in colour, with a yellowish belly, he said.

“My mate picked it up and I touched it. It was definitely a snake.”

They saw “small fangs” and “bits of goo” on the snake.

“It was quite fat, but the head was quite small.”

It appeared to have been run over, Kaan said.

I often wonder what actually is living in our country without our knowledge, apart from the obvious giant moa in the bush, I wonder how many poisonous creatures live here and we are blissfully unaware.





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  1. aidan January 9, 2012 / 11:25

    wow wish i was there

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