General Debate: Free money – what would you do?

So here is the question for y’all.


Accidental Millionaire in Court

The man known as the “accidental millionaire” has appeared briefly in Rotorua District Court this morning but will remain behind bars for now.

Leo Gao, 31, faces 16 charges of theft and 11 of money laundering after Westpac accidentally loaded a $10 million overdraft on his account in April 2009 rather than the $100,000 he had applied for.

The overdraft was to keep his struggling business, a Rotorua service station, afloat.

When he realised the bank’s error he allegedly skipped the country with his partner Kara Mary-Jo Hurring and the bulk of their windfall.

Gao had intended to apply for electronically-monitored bail today but instead that application will be lodged on January 23.

The delay is so a report can be prepared on the suitability of his listed bail address.

If the court determines the address to be suitable, then bail may be granted.

Honestly, what would you do if somehow there was $8 million in your bank account accidently?

What would you do?



2 thoughts on “General Debate: Free money – what would you do?

  1. Lisa January 5, 2012 / 17:14

    Whilst it would be nice to keep it, i think everyone knows , well just about everyone that its not worth it. I don’t see it as theft, the bank made the error. Now the interesting part to this is, there was a programme on either fair go or target when a trader put the money into the wrong account after winning an auction or something like that. The bank was asked to get the money back, however the bank said it was up to the account holder to give it back there is nothing the bank could do. So if this was the case how can this man be charged with theft, it was a deposit error or bank error which ever and he decided he was going to kept it. Morally its is wrong for sure, but it also was not his error it was the banks. I would have given it back myself i would not like looking over my shoulder all the time.

  2. Nigel January 6, 2012 / 12:43

    I would have taken the money back to the bank.

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